The Gross Family | Utah Family Photographer

I first met Anne-Marie online. We live in the same neighborhood and worked on Facebook together for a bit on a neighborhood charity drive benefitting our local refugee center. I knew she was pretty great, but I had no idea. This sweet lady brought her wonderful family to me this fall and asked that I photograph them. Her kids’ sister was in town and Anne-Marie wanted to give her a gift, something meaningful, so she decided on a photography session. Spending time with them was incredible! Every one of them was in a great mood, but more than that, they fed off each other’s happiness. Just being with each other was enough to keep everyone’s energy going the whole time. I caught real smiles and giggles, belly-laughs, hugs, and so much more! This family is special, beautiful, and simply amazing. I’m so grateful I had the opportunity to meet them in person!


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