Baby N | Utah Newborn Photographer

Back to my wonderful 2017 clients! When Baby N’s mommy reached out to me, he had already been born! Mom and Dad were clients of mine WAY back when I was based out of Boston, MA and for them to look me up here when their amazing bundle of joy made his debut meant the world to me. I’m so thrilled I was able to see them as parents and to snuggle their precious little one–he was a dream the whole session and was full of snuggles and yawns and little baby squirms the whole time. I loved the flexibility of the lifestyle session that we did–it allows me to still capture the dynamic between baby and parents and baby on their own without the pressure of needing to squeeze the session into those often chaotic first few days of a newborn’s life. Lifestyle sessions like this one let us be laid back, work with the baby’s temperament, make sure mom and dad are comfy and have all they need, and the images that we get are always filled with genuine emotion and real memories. They’re my absolute favorite!

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