Audrey | Utah Family Photographer

This post is extra fun for me because this time I get to feature my littlest little! Her name is Audrey and she’ll be 3 next month. She’s our family’s baby, and boy does she know it! This kids gets away with murder. She’s so cute though, what can I say? Her sisters started calling her “adorable pie” instead of “sweetie pie” which stuck when she was a baby, so that’s what we call her now! It’s difficult for me to get my kids to agree to let me take their picture (they’re so good for other photographers though!) but Audrey likes attention and since she was the only one home with me, she let me snap away. I was getting ready in the morning and Audrey came into the bathroom to hang out with me. She left for a quick second and returned with her step-stool. She pulled it up to the countertop and started “applying” make up with all of my brushes. I immediately sprinted downstairs to grab my camera and she and I had a little mini-session right there in the bathroom. I love this little darling so much, and every day that she grows up absolutely kills me, but I love that we have these moments together while her sissies are at school, and I’m glad I was able to document some of what our mornings together are like. She’s my adorable pie!

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